«Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.» Coco Chanel
Training often opens doors that seemed impassable. This applies to both physical and mental doors. Training allows us to take a cautious but firm step into unknown places.

At Linking Ideas, we accompany our clients during their individual and group training processes. We establish our clients’ needs and adapt ourselves to them. In the situation requires it we are able to whole create the whole training process including, as appropriate, the contents, format, dynamics, support material etc. Alternatively, we may just be involved in some specialized elements of the training. In the same way every induvial is unique, so is every training situation.

Our most frequent training areas are:

  • Communicative skills for leadership
  • Public speaking skills
  • Media training
  • Internal corporate communication skills.
  • Digital skills for the projection of personal and corporate brands.
  • Non-sexist language.

Pero también otros aspectos tangencialmente conectados. Si tienes algo en mente, consúltanos.

If you want to know what work we have done in the field of EXECUTIVE TRAINING, look here.