«Salt does not say of itself that it is salty.» Abé Proverb
Organizations, like people, communicate even through silence. In fact, all aspects of an organisation communicate something about them. Their objectives and strategies, managerial style, their staff, the production processes and their management, organisational structures, collaborators all make statements in one way or another. And Corporate Communication is responsible for the management and deployment of both Internal and External Communication.

In consequence we have in our hands a key strategic tool, which we can use to define the communication objectives of the organisation, its publics, the processes and communication channels, and the public image projected.

An organization’s brand and everything connected to it are essential in generating the image which is projected, and it should go without saying that this image must be perfectly aligned with the organisation’s business objectives. Linking Ideas helps our customers in the analysis of their branding needs, the generation of new brand systems if needed and the selection of their slogan. We can also assist in the subsequent incorporation of the new branding in the company’s websites and all other physical corporate stationary such as business cards, promotional material and merchandising.
Although traditionally managed by the Human Resources department, more recently, Internal Communication has increasingly been placed under the Corporate Communications umbrella. Appreciating the secrets of communication and its different elements (newsletters, intranet, email, posters etc.), and understanding the importance of timing, are key elements when working on the climate and culture of an organization. Linking Ideas helps companies in the development of their internal communication plans; as we know that what company employees say will always have more credibility that what its advertising says.
At Linking Ideas we help organizations with the design and development of their external communication plans or with the launching of particular actions associated with them (events, SCR actions, sponsorships, etc.) We create or search for opportunities and guaranty a coherent message.
The communication department
As experts in relations with the mass media, we can take over our customers’ publicity management on a long-term basis or we help on an ad hoc basis for special actions, which are part of bigger projects (events, etc.). Our knowledge of current affairs in the fields of politics, economics and business allows us to offer guaranteed assistance in crisis communication management and associated communications.
Social Media
It seems obvious, doesn’t it? Communication on social media networks is now a natural part of any planned external communication strategy, but managing these networks really well necessitates an excellent working knowledge of their operation. For example, one cannot communicate on LinkedIn in the same way that one would on Twitter. It is also important to understand that, although social networks have huge power to amplify any message, such messages must be targeted. Thus any message – either repeated or one off – must be part of some overall business strategy which meshes seamlessly with existing objectives and schedules. We can help with the construction of these messages, sometimes with the assistance of our existing collaborators.