«People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.» Maya Angelou
Bringing people together will always make them feel different. That is why gatherings of all types are powerful instruments for sharing knowledge and, perhaps more importantly, for generating the collective emotions which inspire the creation of new projects, reinforce reputations and forge lasting relationships.

We are fortunate in having considerable experience in the organization of all sorts of events in all of their facets. We have been involved from the initial project concept until its public presentation. In consequence we understand that the key to success is to fulfil the objectives and desires of our clients. We know how to optimize and organise resources during the creation, the presentation and the review of the project.

They say that Linking Ideas is defined by its spirit, quality and elegance.

We do not believe in “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Our strength resides in understanding the specific needs of our clients and incorporating them into our proposal. In this way we can come up with an original idea for an event and the story it has to tell. We identify the principal actors and the best way to present the ideas on the stage.
We define the most appropriate channels and optimal supporting materials to reach the desired public and we also establish the best moment to communicate with them. We create an image of the event and we broadcast it through the appropriate channels. We manage communication with the mass media as necessary and coordinate with other suppliers if the client wishes.

We carry out an initial study of the organisation, the sector it is involved in and any current news. We write a script to follow during the moderation or presentation of the event. As we both have substantial experience as masters of ceremony, facilitators and presenters of public events, we very often appear on stage ourselves to carry out these functions on behalf of our clients.

We also participate in appropriate social networks, something which we always incorporate as an integral part of our proposals.