We connect ideas, people and organizations. We like projects that make us think beyond the obvious; we love knots because we love untying them. We would say that they are the source of creativity because, in resolving them, we find new ideas and unexpected connections which inspire the creation of something new and unique.

In fact, “Linking Ideas” is the result of one of these fortuitous connections: we are Ana Erostarbe and Pilar Kaltzada, and since our paths first crossed in 2015 we have been sharing experiences, ideas and skills; a process that we are now expanding through Linking Ideas.

We are experts in strategic communication and consulting. We are backed by our many years of experience in the following fields: corporate communication, equality issues, mass media management, public relations, social media, graphic design, creative processes, organization and presentation of events and management training.

We do not do everything; but we will certainly know the best company in the appropriate field for doing almost anything. We specialise in making connections and, therefore, we can offer a 360º service to our customers through a constantly growing network of collaborators. They are good, and their work makes us better. The result is an agile, integrated service, unique in its field and excellent in its implementation.

We relish the opportunity to establish connections between these different worlds and that is what motivates us. Our name is inspired by this vision. That is why we want to meet you.

We are Linking Ideas.