23 May 2018

With one hundred years of history, Fundación Vizcaína Aguirre has gained itself the authority to recognise with a prize to those companies and people who work to improve life quality at the province of Bizkaia. Such is the objective of the biennial prize named after this organisation, with which we collaborate since it got started 2016 with one purpose: to award those who best deserve because they help to improve the life of those who need it.

The first edition was, as a matter of fact, very special. Not every year offers a centenary celebration. We had the fortune to support the board of trustees during this historical moment, as well as through the outcome of a project that has allowed us to allow better, from within, the huge work, often silent, of so many organizations and people.

The first ceremony of this Award took place in November 2016 in an event headed by their Royal Majesties, the king and the queen of Spain. The second edition is currently underway on the very moment of writing this piece of news.