12 Nov 2018

Geminys is a company from Donostia-San Sebastian, which has developed, far from the spotlight, a key work for almost twenty years. They usually say that they are “the experts reached by the experts”. And what do they do? They do manuals from the beginning to the end for worldwide industrial manufacturers: extremely complex and detailed manuals for railways and machine tools’ equipment, which ensure that everything goes smoothly wherever their customers’ infrastructures reach.

Our recent collaboration with Geminys took place between May and November 2018, and had the objective of working their corporate culture and the sense of belonging of their people. To this aim, we have worked in a double direction: on the one hand, we kept interviews in depth with a reduced number of employees and, on the other, we organised a group dynamics activity in order to get deeper into the knowledge of priorities.

For three hours we worked in groups over “team building” methodologies, with activities such as “the best possible team”, “rescue operation” or “the opportunities tree”, with the objective of identifying collaboration styles and let personal styles come out (participative styles, skills on conflict resolution, and team success oriented, etc.). Culture within an organisation is, despite its intangibility, a key element, and field experience shows us that people are communicator agents. This is precisely the reason why it is so necessary to abandon those models that work internal communication under the “information” key, to star working it under the “communication” key.