24 Jun 2019

During spring months of 2019, we have collaborated with the Area of Equality of Pamplona’s town hall in the elaboration of a “Coordination Protocol in case of Aggressions to LGTBI+ People”.

We are fortunate. He have had the chance to be very close from several of the initiatives and public policies that have made of this city the undeniable reference that has become. Since 2017 we have taken part in the processes that led to the strategy “Pamplona Free of Sexist Aggressions”, and to the “Prevention and Action Protocol in case of Sexist Aggressions in Nightlife and Private Concert Venues”, among others.

These initiatives share with the present project the objective to develop citizens’ and institutional collaboration on prevention, awareness and denunciation of all sorts of violence against sexual diversity and gender diversity. To bring together these forums always implies a mutual enrichment.

On this occasion as well, both public institutions and social organisations and movements have demonstrated a great generosity in the diagnosis, proposals and commitments in order to act in a coordinated way against LGTBI+phobia.