3 Jun 2019

From June 2017 to June 2019, we have been close to Parriuandi, Basque bakeries network with headquarters in Durango and 50 years of history, who needed support with their process of strategic reflection. We started helping the managerial staff with the definition and launching of this process, to continue with the definition of objectives and the plan of actions for their execution.

As a consequence of this process and the joint definition of values and attributes associated to the brand, together with Estudio Doble, we have developed for this customer a new corporate image, in accordance with their present project and future ambitions. We have likewise deployed the necessary applications: among then, a new website, developed by Duok, in which we took part in all related to texts and general image.

Finally, he have also helped to analyse their shops, in an attempt to determine which the aspects that require intervention are, with the purpose of giving the whole network the coherence that the project demands. Now, it only remains to wish them the successful future that they deserve, and at least another fifty years baking bread at the foot of Anboto. This has been indeed a collaboration with a special aroma and taste.