21 Dec 2016

Not every day organizations celebrate their 30th anniversary, so that it was an honour for Linking Ideas to share with Servicios Sociales Integrados (SSI) this special celebration on the 1st of December 2016.

SSI Groups is a cooperative of companies of social background and public utility, which offers service to the social necessities of those people in situations of social vulnerability and dependence within the Basque Country. This organisation has, in fact, a fascinating history behind, which began with the self-employment of a group of women in a precarious situation. Thanks to their unique vision and the strength of their values, they have become with the time a clear reference of permanent innovation.

We helped the women who lead this Group with the definition of their celebration, the revision of their storytelling, the development of the actions and the mise en scene of a memorable afternoon. For the execution of the graphic part we counted on with the support of Estudio Doble.