1 Jul 2019

Popular tradition says that nobody is as attractive as appears to be on Facebook, nor as dull as portrayed on the ID. The challenge of projecting brands to the world is a complex one, and it is always understood as a process under construction. The same thing happens with countries.

In 2019, we have had the chance to work with the Secretariat General for Exterior Action of the Basque Government on the organisation of the first Euskadi-Basque Country Eguna or the first Euskadi-Basque Country Day. This took place on the 19th of June in Bilbao, and it was a multidisciplinary encounter, that allowed establishing the Basque Country’s projection, from our values and actions. The essence of a brand lies on identity, which is always multifaceted. We are an ancient country in love with modernity.

This project has offered us the occasion to offer our capacities to create a reflection forum and contribute over a fascinating process. From the fixed basis by Exterior Action, we have taken part in all the stages of the development: conception, configuration of the discussion panels, branding, image, dissemination materials (in collaboration with Estudio Doble), audio-visuals (with Filmak and Yamba), conduction of the day, etc.

In a context of growing connection among people and territories, our values and strengths are the starting point from which showing ourselves to the world. To learn, grow and share.