17 Dec 2017

We accompanied a group of female politicians in their communication skills training from October to December 2017, applied to the municipal policy in the Basque Country. “Communication for a Gender-Focused Transformative Policy” is the title of this training programme, created and developed by Linking Ideas for Virginia Woolf Basqueskola.

This work has given us the opportunity to lend our experience to a very important transformation, the municipal policy, doing so through its protagonists. This training combines online training with two in-house training sessions, and is focused on aspects such as voice and active listening, communication styles, the media and non-verbal communication. Its objective is to provide female politicians with tools that allow them to function in the political arena in order to take full advantage of their communicative abilities.

Promoted by Eudel and Emakunde, the Basque Institute for Women, the course is composed of four tailored video tutorials, which we have produced in collaboration with Yamba TV, including tailored mentoring for three months.