25 Feb 2019

Past lives matter and ours are connected to the science world. For this reason, the invitation of the Autonomous University from Madrid to offer the Scientific Communication workshop to some fifteen young researchers from all over the world was a perfect match.

The workshop “Goal-oriented Communication skills for scientists: from reflection to practice” took place on the 14th of February in Bilbao, and it was part of a ten-day high level training programme within the CONFLEX Consortium. This consortium gathers prestigious worldwide universities, centres and industrial partners and has the objective, among others, of improving the knowledge on flexible and fluid structures of their doctoral and post-doctoral students. The training, which covered several disciplines, counted on with the participation of renowned professionals, with the leadership of the mathematician, Enrique Zuazua, awarded a Humboldt professorship, and the coordination of Magaly Roldán.

Communication is a crucial part of any research project, besides an essential competence for any successful career. During the workshop, we found time for theory, for practice in front of the camera and for the discussion. It was an intense, but a very rewarding day.